“Skinny Dick’s” Saloon

After a Hot Day on the Trails or on the River, come on into “Skinny Dick’s” Saloon to quench your thirst, Make Friends, Tell Stories, and Unwind. One of our friendly Barkeeps will concoct whatever refreshment you desire from one of our Fully Stocked Bar. Sit out on one of the balconies above the River and wave as the people float by. Take a Deep Breath. Relax, get waited on, and act as if you have no care in the world. Just watch the River flow downstream. This is your time. Enjoy it!

And if the mood strikes you, get out on the dance floor and get down. Have some fun!! If you’re brave enough, sing your heart out. We often have Karaoke. Sharpen your skills in our game room. We have a pool table to provide you and your party hours of entertainment! With a stage and lighting for live entertainment, A fully stocked bar and enough seating for up to 200 people, let us host your next party! You never know when we may plan a special event with some good ole’ fashion fun.